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I have a deep amount of respect and gratitude for my teacher Carl Buchheit, for his teachings, and the healing, tools and freedom he has inspired myself and countless others toward. His ability to combine masterful skill, humor, deep respect, elegance and empathy surpasses any other healers or therapists I have ever encountered. To understand more about Transformational NLP and the training that inspired my and so many others work, I have shared some writing and reviews about the work and book below from a few different sources. Enjoy a good little read here or better yet, buy the book!

Transformational NLP: A New Psychology

Carl Buchheit, Ph.D. and Ellie Schamber, Ph.D.

Why do people have so much difficulty achieving their goals, making big changes, and becoming the people they want to be? If we can imagine it, why can’t we achieve it?

Transformational NLP: A New Psychology offers a new understanding of how the brain really works. When we understand how our brains work, we can quickly learn to work with and not against ourselves—and change becomes possible. Transformational NLP is a ground-breaking synthesis of psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and spirituality, bridging the domains of psychotherapy and coaching. While the practice looks like psychotherapy, it utilizes NLP as well as innovations drawn from quantum physics, psychology, and recent discoveries in neuroscience and systemic constellations.

In Transformational NLP: A New Psychology Carl Buchheit introduces a new methodology to achieve our goals for personal transformation and happiness that works!

Welcome to Transformational NLP
a new approach to personal transformation!

Transformational NLP is an innovative, rapid – although gentle – method for changing unwanted behavior patterns and self-limiting identity and relationship programming. We humans are conditioned by creature-level neurological programming which, while working to make sure we survive, also keeps us from expressing ourselves fully in the realms of love and our personal purpose in life. We also find ourselves unconsciously caught in cycles of loss and pain that were set in motion by the suffering of our ancestors. Transformational NLP empowers people to have more choice in their lives, and to achieve their dreams by becoming more and more of who they really are and who they want to be....

Transformational NLP: A New Psychology

Authored by Carl Buchheit, Ph.D. and Ellie Schamber, Ph.D.

Transformational NLP: A New Psychology investigates the history and evolution of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the unique contributions of its off-shoot, Transformational NLP.  Building on recent discoveries in neuroscience, psychology, quantum physics, and spirituality, Transformational NLP has become very different in both theory and practice from mainstream NLP. This book introduces a new methodology to achieve our goals for personal transformation and happiness that actually works!

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